I was given From Within as an ARC for an honest review so here it is….

Wow… am speechless another great book by a fab author…. J.M.WALKER… What can I say??? I cried and laughed… she brought in subjects which are difficult to deal with especially in a book like she has in her other books!!!

The words that come to mind when reading this book are…


It is a tale of 3 people, best friend’s Xander, Hope and Caiden…(These characters have their own POV) but not forgetting 2 others a young girl (Shana) who befriends Xander or Bee who belongs to Caiden… its revolves around broken love and broken lives and addiction to love, people, drugs and alcohol and more… I could say loads more but I recommend you read it and have tissues at the ready and make sure you’ve got some time clear because you’ll want to read it in one go!!!

A definite 5 ☆☆☆☆☆ book!!! FLOVE it!!!

Triztan (The Russian Roulette Series Book 1)

My oh my!!! A hot read!!! A bit late than I wanted!!!

I loved Triztan!! He is one hot guy!!! He’s a player in more ways than one!! He loves women and sometimes not just one!!!!

Without giving too much away, he has past baggage (ex love and daughter and stuff) and falls in love with Stephanie… Their love for each other is heartwarming… I definitely had my heart in my stomach at times leaving me breathless in more ways than one!!! And I did cry too!!!

I am definitely going to invest in Alysons first series which introduces Triztan The Fixer Trilogy!!! And I can’t wait for the next two books in the Russian Roulette series with Alexi and Ivan…


Holy F Bombs!!! What a great read!!! One lost soul, Two best friends and Three soulmates!! What a captivating read!!! So many questions throughout the book!!! It certainly gets your mind and heart racing and definitely takes your breath away!! I cried, laughed, cringed and loved every minute of this book. The sex scenes are intense and blooming hot (insert fan!!) A fab ending which ties all of the many questions up!!! Another FIVE star rating for JA Huss!!! Well done and looking forward to reading more of your books!!!!

Driven by K Bromberg

A big 5 stars for this highly addictive start to the Driven trilogy!! Absolutely in love with both Colton/Ace and Rylee!!! This certainly ends with a moosive cliffhanger so need to get the other books… looking forward to reading them in the near future!!

A very well done!!!